Mister B

Mister BMister B

The company of Mister B began with the opening of its first shop in the Warmoesstraat, Amsterdam on the 2nd of March 1994.
At that time the range of stock we were able to offer was limited, but with an energetic enthusiasm for fetish leather and rubber clothing also SM accessories and toys for men, began the foundation for the ongoing development of our exciting company.

Our workshop for making the leather clothes was then situated on the second floor of the shop premises, and we were at that time able to offer the service of making leather pants and chaps in one day.

Nowadays our stock and range of leather goods is very extensive, but we are still pleased to offer the service of custom made to measure leather clothing to clients personal requirements.

We are pleased to be able to offer from our extensive collection of leather and rubber clothing the highest quality products. which includes our toys for men range and many other accessories, such as ,whips cuffs, toys, lubricants, and condoms plus many more items.

We specialize in quality of choice.

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